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N9350X Found!
October 28, 2017, 8:35 PM
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Dear Friends, Family, Juneau, and the greater search and rescue community,

It is with mixed emotions, that I am able to announce that the search for Brian and Brandon Andrews, missing since 8/9/2008, has ended. The news that the airplane crash site was discovered — was delivered to me by life-long friends on the morning of 10/25/2017. It was a gift to hear the news first from a Juneau family that I absolutely have the highest esteem and love for — and this has comforted my Mom, Sister, and closest friends as well.

I understand that this news has been, and will be, a shock to some. For some, and for my family, it has lead to a resurgence in all the feelings that arose when Dad and Brandon went missing, especially as we still miss your presence every day! At the same time, I am taking a bit of comfort in that it appears N9350X took off from Young’s Lake and was heading home when something happened. If there is one surprise about the crash site’s location, it’s that it took us 9 years, 2 months, and a number of days to find you guys… While foot searches, flights, and countless resources were expended looking in the discovery area, I am glad that you were found in the flight path and were on your way home…

It was just my personal opinion, but I always held onto the thought that a deer hunting party on Douglas or Admiralty would eventually find the crash site at this time of year when foliage had started to drop. Indeed, that’s what happened. At the same time, I understand the plane is well under forested canopy, on difficult terrain, and you need to be very close to see it. There were only two broken tree tops, and those trees were actually broken pretty low. We are fortunate to have found the plane at all.

For a number of reasons, I am unwilling to disclose the exact crash site location at this time. Safety, and the fact that the NTSB re-opened their investigation, and currently classify that investigation, as active and ongoing, are two.

NTSB with the Alaska State Troopers, Juneau Mountain Rescue, FAA, and USFS were able to conduct a survey today, Saturday, 10/28/2017. They were able to confirm the identity of N9350X via intact metal plates with serial numbers on the air-frame and engine block. Brian and Brandon were judged dead on impact. I will recover skeletal remains in a few days, after they are received by the State Medical Examiner’s Office in Anchorage. It appears that my Dad’s wedding band was also recovered. Much of the rest of the plane will be unrecoverable due to rust, fire, and impact damage. There is currently no salvage plan. Loops will be closed with the FBI, U.S. Coast Guard, Army National Guard, Civil Air Patrol, and anyone else who conducted searches. The Andrews Family will have a private ceremony in the near future.

I also thank ADN, KTUU Channel 2, and the Juneau Empire for reaching out to me and informing Alaska about this discovery. My appreciation extends to all news agencies reporting the find as well, especially as so many people have been looking for Brian and Brandon for the past nine years. I know that their disappearance was a very rare case, and I’m glad that since 2008 there have been improvements in aircraft emergency signal requirements, photo reconnaissance, and other technologies, so that families in the future won’t have to conduct such searches for their loved ones.

There may be other posts in the near future, but for now…

Many cheers!

— B.J.




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